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05 Oct 22

The descent of Saint Cergue

A few days ago took place in Saint Cergue, Switzerland, 15 minutes from our guest house, La Désalpe.

Come on, let's immerse you in the atmosphere!


In the distance, a dull noise is heard. Enigmatic, diffuse, then closer and closer. This noise is transformed little by little into dozens of different sounds, from the highest to the lowest, sometimes clear, sometimes deaf, forming together a singular melody.
Then at the turn of a bend, it is in turn on the morning, 6 herds of cows and 1 herd of sheep, freshly adorned with wreaths of flowers and fir trees which parade proudly, accompanying their breeders, dressed in their most beautiful Swiss outfits.
On the cows' necks, bells, bells, toupins, gilded, silver, sculpted with flowers or coats of arms, leather collars adorned with dedications "to my sister", "to my husband for his 50th birthday" or even "for your 18 years old"... Some can weigh more than 10 kg. What show ! What is certain is that these beautiful milkmaids do not go unnoticed.

Throughout the day, stands offer mountain food, beautiful Swiss decorations, games, while on the show stages, concerts of yodelling, alphorn or traditional Swiss songs take place in turn and in the village wander the toupin ringers.

So despite the fine drizzle that falls, we can only marvel at this spectacle and the pride of these farmers and musicians who perpetuate ancestral traditions.

Thank you to all of them for this beautiful moment.

The next Désalpe de Saint-Cergue will take place on September 23, 2023. So if this atmosphere seduced you, don't forget to book your stay for next year!