Who are we ?

Your hosts

Caroline : Originally from a Burgundian family, I worked for more than 20 years in tourism, with major Tour Operators. In particular, I have created circuits, from the most classic to the most sporty, in order to be able to offer them to you in a brochure. Traveling in more than 40 countries made me discover extraordinary people and landscapes and I in turn had at heart to discover places off the beaten track, extraordinary experiences. I learned the importance of customer relations and the sense of service . Covid 19 having damaged the tourism industry, it was the perfect time to carry out our long-term project and come to meet you!

Guillaume, my husband and faithful ally for over 20 years! Of Dutch origin, he drew his size and his sense of detail from it. He works in IT from home. You can meet him in the evening and early in the morning.Trilingual, he is fluent in English and Dutch.

Laureen and Clara, our 2 daughters . Sporty, always on the move, they will be happy to introduce your children to local sports and leisure activities. Our various trips have made them pleasant and eager to meet people.

Phoenix, our husky : He's a big ball of fur, very cuddly and very playful. Unfortunately, he does not get along with some of his congeners. Thus, for the comfort and tranquility of all, we will not be able to welcome your pet at home. On the other hand, we will be able to suggest you some addresses of trusted people in the region who will be able to take care of your pet and make him also spend an excellent holiday.

Our project

For a long time already, we imagined a house that would combine comfort and conviviality and in which we would receive guests, a bit like friends. A house where you could relax after a long day surrounded by nature.A house close to tourist infrastructures but benefiting from the atmosphere of a mountain village on a human scale.

In 2017, we decided to leave for 7 months as a family to criss-cross the American continent from West to East. This trip reinforces our desire for beautiful encounters and our love for wide open spaces and wildlife.

On our return, our project matures little by little... After more than 20 years of running all day without noticing the time passing, we gradually realize that we aspire to more meaning, simplicity, in a better environment. .

Sports galore, breaths of fresh air, wild animals, lakes, gastronomy... but of course, it's in the Jura that we have to put our suitcases!

In 2021, after almost two years of research, we finally found the place to make our new dream come true: the Grenier des Rousses, a mid-mountain stopover lodgejust 5 minutes from all amenities, with a view of a lake and a huge forest and whose walls resonate with moments of joy and conviviality that it has sheltered.

It is now up to us to perpetuate this tradition of welcome and this warm atmosphere , for our greatest happiness!